Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes what’s up saviano 2 here back another video today we’re going to be talking about the cookie run, coupon codes now if you guys do enjoy the video hit the like button down below subscribe if you guys are new if you guys want to join my discord link in the description down below now let’s. Get right into it now i’ve been seeing a lot of coupon codes going around.

Latest working Cookie Run Kingdom codes:

  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS – Redeem this code for 5,000 Crystals, 1,000 Cold Crystals, 1,000 Rainbow Cubes (New)
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM – Redeem this code for 3,000 Crystals and 3,000 Rainbow Cubes
  • KINGDOMNBLUECLUB – Redeem this code for 500 Crystals
  • REALTOUGHCOOKIES – Redeem this code for 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMWITHSONIC – Redeem this code for 1,000 Crystals
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM – Redeem this code for 1,000 Crystals
  • GETUR1SUGARGNOME – Redeem this code for 1 Sugar Gnome

On the internet they are fake now i’m going to say this now if you guys are brand new players, and you see these coupon codes most of them will work if all the codes you have redeemed, have not worked like if you’ve seen any code that you’ve redeemed. Already it most likely will not work i’ve tried i’ve tested all of them there’s only one new code for this month so far that i have seen that. In my opinion works flawlessly and it’s one code so understand that this code will only work if you have already like redeemed it.

But if these codes that you see around the internet and, you’ve used them once don’t try to go back and redeem them they will not work some of these codes have expired as, well so if you’re on the internet and you put this. Code in it most likely will not work now i’m always saying this because most people have put these, codes in and a lot of them just have not worked that is the reason why it’s only because well again they don’t work they they literally just don’t work i i wish i was able to tell. You guys why but they probably just expire and that’s only fair because these codes, are like for a limited time so if they don’t work they, just don’t work now i already put on screen hopefully that these codes right here that. I’ve already put on screen these are the ones that you should be able to redeem if they say they’re expired and they, don’t work or they says try again then they’re most likely expired the one on the way top does work though so if you guys are any. Like if anybody wants to use that code you can now as you see i just redeemed a live stream crystal co coupon, for 500 crystals again that code should be on stream i, mean not stream but screen god i have problems speech problems anyway i’m gonna go ahead and show you guys just a couple more hopefully i’m going, to just redeem not redeem but go ahead and summon real quick because i. Want to show you guys just what i might be able to pull hopefully i pull another one of her i’ve been trying to pull another uh.

Pumpkin pie cookie but i haven’t been lucky enough to pull one most of these i’ve, already achieved so i’m just maxing them out at this point but yeah i wanted to just let you guys, know that most of these codes do not work but one of the one code. I did put on screen does work it should work oh great got another one of her nice nice nice nice anyway yeah it should work you should be, able to use it if not then, that’s fine oh look at that i could level her up nice got another pumpkin pie cookie go ahead and turn her into a, one star yeah i just want to let you guys know that again if you guys. See any coupon ghosts going on on the internet and you’ve noticed them before you’ve already used them or have you seen something that says kingdom x sonic, or something like that and you redeem it and it says it doesn’t work it most likely has.

Expired and the code can no longer be used i won’t go ahead i won’t give you. Guys fake codes knowing that they’re expired i’m not gonna do that i’d rather you guys have like full-fledged codes that. You guys can use and should be able to like actually redeem because no one likes to redeem like no one wants to put in a code and it doesn’t work you.

Know that that’s the most annoying thing i would ever want to do and i hate it so much but. Yeah i want to go ahead and just let you. Guys know that some fake codes are rolling around don’t believe some of these videos trust me if you guys have already redeemed some of these codes they’re most likely not going. To be useful anymore so don’t redeem used up codes, and some of these kingdom exxon codes again may have expired it depends if you’ve already used it if you haven’t.

Used it if you have not used it one time and nice pomegranate and it says it doesn’t work then yes it’s expired but if you haven’t used it and.

You and it works then you’re good asked if you’re free to. Like if you’re a new player or whatever and you guys just came in you want to use some, codes there you go those are some of the codes you can use i’m gonna. Put a full list of the codes and the link in the description so you guys should be able to just go down there and uh you should be able to see. What type of codes you haven’t already used and yeah just want to let you guys. Know that and now you guys won’t be you know surprised oh there we go, we got another one and we got got more i’m proud of. This proud of this video we’re getting more pumpkin.

Hear suddenly me hey i’m kind of glad you didn’t pick up i kind of just called, to hear your voice i miss you i’ve been thinking about you and i’ve been thinking about our love and how much i miss you.

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Free Crystals manipulator playing games your first commentators and i don’t know what you say about our private conversations but it’s got them hating thanks to all the rumors you’ll be claiming it’s cool i’m done with you so they, can throw you a celebration you gon hate, it when you see me with somebody living better i’m trying to tell you that me just do what me gonna have you jealousy is good so now.

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A look at the brand new redemption code that just dropped earlier this morning for 500 crystals so without further ado let’s dive right in diving. Right in ladies and gentlemen so starting off the video if you guys do. Not know how to redeem a coupon code the links can be provided down below in the description that link will take you, to this page which is going to be the website and then not only that the second thing you need to know and that’s going to be where exactly do, you find your dev play account if, you scroll down on this page they actually do a quick easy breakdown showing you exactly how to find this information in the game you’re basically going to hit, the um settings option on the top right hand side you’re going to go down to settings then once. You get to settings you’re going to go over to the fourth tab where it says information and then right below that you’re going to say.

On the left hand side user info and that’s going to be where your dev play account information is and.

That’s gonna. Be what you need to put right here on the top line alrighty so once you’ve officially got your dev play information collected from inside the game we’re gonna go ahead, and paste that brand new code that code today is gonna be the kingdom in blue club so it’s gonna be all, one word no spaces it doesn’t matter if it’s capital, or not but again that’s gonna be kingdom in like the letter in as a nancy blue club all one word i’ll put it down below in the description for you guys to copy and paste, as, well once you go ahead and claim it how you know it’s gonna be valid as you get this message here that says done log.

Into the game to claim your overall reward already now officially diving back into the actual game, here after we utilize the code we’re gonna go ahead and check it out we’re gonna go to the inbox section and as it says right here cookie run kingdom live. Stream crystal coupon for 500 crystals guys so, like i said no joke 500 crystals brand new coupon definitely get in here and take advantage of it right now so there you go ladies. And gentlemen that is going to give you guys 500 crystals definitely utilize them to your advantage good luck on all of your additional summons guess what we’re, gonna be going live here tonight on the channel at 8 pm cst so just in a. Matter of what less than three hours i’ll be going live hopefully i can see each and.

Every one of you guys there we should be popping off i think, close to 60 000 crystals if not more than that all on the brand new pumpkin pie cookie and we’re gonna be doing some costume gotcha as well so with that being said guys as. Always don’t forget to like comment and subscribe. I will see you on the next one you .

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Why Choose Us?

Cookie Run Kingdom welcome back to the channel everybody this is codations in today’s video we’re going to be diving back into the cookie run kingdom and taking.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes guys welcome back to a brand new cookie run kingdom video and i want to bring attention to this video a lot about, codes redeem codes and everything so i’m gonna if you watched the end of this video guys you, are going to be able to get 6 000 diamonds for free which is two tens times summonings and about 50, odd stamina because stan is just a random rewards so guys make sure you watch to the end and i just wanted.

To show you before i jump into anything it’s just the team that i’m using at the moment it’s it’s just very, very good and my fountain has got some brilliant levels getting there i kind of still think that um that they should definitely uh give you more drops in those fountains. Because it is a bit ridiculous i’m. Also upgrading these two now as well so i’ve got so many of these to go and the xp is so so so expensive um as you progress through the game guys why can’t i do that. I think it’s just being a bit weird let’s try again okay as always this game.

Is a little bit glitchy guys but yeah i want to get straight into the redeem codes for you. Today guys um okay my, my hometown does not look it does not look very well laid out but it it’s built for um built for precision and when i started the game i, didn’t realize that you could skip through stuff so yeah i was a little bit of a noob guys i was a little bit of a noob and what i. Will, do now actually is um i can upgrade my storage again because i just get so annoyed when it runs out there we go and the next one’s going to be oh it just starts to cost diamonds, now to expand the storage which is fair enough i don’t really think you need to expand it.

Any further anyway um yeah and i just want to get my train filled up here as well let’s let’s get all, that sword um but yeah it it’s all been going very very smoothly, on this game i’ve actually matched a few decent summons which is the first time for me ever in this, game i’m normally quite unlucky but doing four of those is annoying like they’re they’re never nice to me in this, game on the drop rates and in the trains guys. Because it’s sometimes so annoying when you send a train out and it comes back and you get nothing and it’s just it’s just how annoying how long it takes to get these trains sorted as well and. Uh there are a lot of things in, this game which do quite rustle my jimmies if you know what i mean guys um yeah let’s just get all this brood because these are quite important so i do like, when you get these 6 000 diamonds guys. Obviously i know it’s very very hype to just make sure you spend them all on the game. All on summons you know to see if you get anything good or anything like that but i do recommend guys that you know sometimes you you just you take, a minute and actually spend some on your buildings because it will help you. 

A lot like you’re going to see lots of different things happen if you do spend that time on, getting your buildings upgraded because it’s just such a good use of getting your extra slots because when you get to the stage in the game there’s lots of things you, need to build over and over again and it gets very very very difficult as you, can imagine so you can see kind of how quick and easy it. Is if you just get into a routine of just triggering for everything on how quickly you can build and go for, everything you know i try and do some of the hardest stuff first i don’t know why it keeps saying that i’ve maybe maybe i, just need to reset the game but anyway yeah so it’s not all awful guys and it’s all going. Relatively well so yeah i want to show you guys how to get everything free here so you can, see here that i’ve got 500 500 500 500 500 500 3, 000. there are 6 000 diamonds there guys now i will put this in a link at the top of the description for you as well but it’s important that obviously you do make.

Sure that when you do this you do um follow what i tell you so i’ve i’ve made. This word document for all of you guys here so let’s zoom in and get it one, page so you can see here guys i’ve got a word document with all the codes, and what they give you and it’s going to be, top link in description guys word document word document word document word document word document where documentary as you go down like that so there’s gonna be a lot of exciting codes and things. To pull in there guys one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven yeah so you’re, going to be getting a lot here so just copy those and, then what you’re going to do is open the game up and it’s important that you do it this way i, found you click the bar up here you click coupons it loads this screen up here and, your dev play account is not your username what you need to do for this guys is make.

Run kingdom each one of them is gonna be worth a thousand crystals without further ado let’s dive right in diving right in ladies and gentlemen so i gotta give a massive, shout out over to.

The whis takers guild man for pointing out these two codes that’s gonna be where i originally found both of these codes so a massive shout out to those guys but nevertheless um.

This link for the dev play website will be down below in the description. Along with the two codes so you can copy and paste them and not have to like type them in and hopefully get any errors. All right so we’re gonna go ahead and put in my account my dev play account again if you.

Don’t know where to find your dev play account you can actually just go to this website scroll down and it’ll walk you through exactly how.

To find it it’s very easy in the game you hit the little waffle, icon go down to the settings in that bar that slides, out you’re gonna go over to the fourth tab that says info and then that information right there underneath the user info section that’s gonna be the dev play account or, email address that’s associated with your dev play account and that’s gonna be what you, need to type up here on the top all right so for the very first code we’ve got that’s gonna be samsung cr um and then kingdom okay so.

Samsung cookie run kingdom basically is what that word the the code is gonna, be we’re gonna go ahead and click that one boom if you have typed in the right code it’ll say done log into the game to, claim your rewards if you type the code incorrectly it’ll tell you, that that code does not exist or there’s an error and then if you type in the.

Code and you’ve already used it it’ll say and tell you that it’s already been redeemed so that’s going to be how you can verify that for the second code that, we’ve got for you guys is going to. Be base all around the cookie or the sonic collaboration and it’s going to be kingdom with sonic is basically what it’s going to be for the second. 1000 crystals you’re going to go ahead and click it once again we know that it’s a good. Code and still a live code um because it says log into the game to claim your, rewards already and then jumping over here into the actual game um basically you can see both of those codes are worth 1000 and then here they are, so the first one is gonna be the galaxy store is where that code.

Originally came from and then it looks like the other one like i said is gonna be all, around the cookie run kingdom and sonic collaboration um but both of these codes like i said are worth a.

Thousand crystals get in here claim those bad boys i mean and then also keep in mind if you already had the game, open when you went to redeem those codes you do have to close out the game and reopen the game, before those rewards will pop up in your inbox so just keep that in mind but with that.

Being said ladies and gentlemen that’s gonna be pretty much it for this video i just wanted to get this one out.

There for anybody and everybody especially free to play players to get these brand new codes before they expire we already know how these, codes work they don’t last for very long so definitely take advantage of them right, now redeem those as soon as possible but as always please be sure to like comment. And subscribe hit the notification bell so you get notification every time we drop a video we’ve got a discord link also provided down below we’ve got over 1700 people in. There that play cookie run kingdoms if you’re just, looking for an awesome community to hang out or hey you can hit me up in my dms they’re always open i don’t have them. Secluded or anything else like that or private um and, discord so i’d love to hang out and chat with you or help you out if you have any questions so with that being said. As always i will see you guys on the next one you.

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD Download – How I Get More CRYSTALS in Cookie Run Kingdom hey guys i’m going to open up my cookie run kingdom game and you’re going to see something super super cool so let me just go ahead and, open it up right here i’m just going to give it a minute for it to go and load as you can see, so let’s just give it a minute here as you can see it’s going to let it. Load all right touch to start let me just do that i want to show you guys something.

So as you can see guys at the moment i don’t have many crystals but i’m going to show you guys how this, works so i’ll tell you guys i’m actually using a modded version of the game i’m going to show you. Guys how to download it but basically with this mod what you can do i’ll show you you can go ahead and go into the shop and you.

Can actually buy for free so.

Let me just show you guys how this works so i’m just going to go ahead and press on the crystals and as you. Can see it has all the different amounts and they’re pretty expensive all the way up to 99 but i can. Actually go ahead and buy any amount of these completely for free since i’m actually playing with a modded version of the game so let’s get the 99 one it’s a lot, of them you get 12 hundred so i’m going to go, ahead and press buy and as you can see it says buy for zero. Dollars so that’s how you know this is a mod guys so i’m gonna press it and let’s.

Just wait for the transaction to go through and as you can see us0 dollars i’m gonna press continue and let’s see if it works and as you can see guys payment successful. So this is super crazy i can’t believe it. Actually works guys but it does and as you can see in the corner the amount of crystals i had did go up to twelve thousand seven hundred and, now if i back out of the shop you can see i still have that amount so i’m gonna, show you guys how to get this mod it’s super crazy and it is completely free you, do not need a computer or a jailbreak so if you wanna do this guys go to settings if you’re. Using an iphone and then just go down here to general and you, want to find background app refresh and make sure guys that this is turned on it allows apps to refresh content you can have it on wi-fi or wi-fi cellular data it doesn’t matter just make, sure it’s on once you’ve done that guys just go down to battery and make sure you, got low power mode off you know it’s on the. Percentage will be yellow so make sure the power mode’s turned off once you’ve done that. Go down to app store and make sure you have the automatic downloads turned on should be on by default.

Once you’ve done that you’re good to go so all you have to do now is go ahead and go this amazing site super crazy guys i mean they have so many mods for apps and games on this, site as you guys can see so i’m just going to go ahead and type it in, so i’m going to go up to the.